Tummy Tuck

Expert care and results from the leader in the Mommy Makeover procedure, Dr Lakshman has performed over 1,000 tummy tucks with beautiful results.  
The Tummy Tuck Pasadena procedure helps many patients deal with the reality of the effects that occur when alternating weight gain and weight loss they often experience over their lives. This can often result in loose skin around the belly, stretch marks and/or a protruding belly. A full abdominoplasty can correct these changes that cannot be improved with diet and exercise. This is because diet and exercise cannot tighten loose skin!

tummy tuck before after tummy tuck los angeles

This is a significant procedure which removes most of the skin and fat between the belly button and the pubic area. It also tightens the upper abdomen, and then repositions your belly button. The fascia (thick, protective tissue below the skin) is also tightened. The full tummy tuck can be done with or without liposuction. The result is a flat, firm abdomen with no stretch marks-it truly turns back the hands of time! As a board-certified plastic surgeon with additional experience in cosmetic surgery, Dr. Lakshman provides each client with a customized consultation, safe and effective surgery, and one-on-one post-operative follow-up with each client.

Mini Tummy Tuck

A mini tummy tuck offers an alternative, less invasive procedure than the full tummy tuck. This procedure involves removing loose skin of the lower abdomen only. It does not reposition the skin around the belly button or tighten the loose upper abdominal skin. Dr. Lakshman is a board-certified plastic surgeon and highly skilled to provide excellent results with this procedure. See his mini tummy tuck results below:

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