Ganglion Cysts

Ganglion cysts are a common problem suffered by men and women of all ages. Although not dangerous or life threatening, they can become a painful nuisance and prevent or curtail many normal activities.

These cysts are fluid-filled sacs that arise from the joint lining. They can gradually enlarge and encroach on other structures causing deformity and pain. In the fingertips, they are often a part of arthritis and are known as mucoid or mucous cysts. They can give the fingertips a crooked appearance and cause constant pain or discomfort.

In the wrist, they can grow quite large and cause stiffness and instability, especially when performing sports or playing musical instruments.

The treatment is straightforward. Cysts usually do not respond to needle aspiration because the stalk arising from the joint space is not addressed. The cyst merely recurs, filling up with joint fluid again after some time. Surgery is the best way to totally remove these cysts and prevent them from coming back. Because these ganglions are located in and around joint spaces and close to critical structures of the hand, it is recommended to seek the help of surgeons who are board certified in Surgery of the Hand.

Dr. Lakshman has completed an orthopedic hand surgery fellowship and is board certified. He has extensive experience in removing these cysts and has successfully treated professional piano players, cellists, and other musicians as well as teenage softball and football players, cheerleaders, tennis players and instructors. He will take his time to thoroughly explain the procedure and ease your fears. After surgery, he will personally provide the follow up care and not outsource the job to a lesser trained assistant. He even changes the post-operative dressings and removes his own sutures! We believe that this type of continuity insures the best results for our patients.

If you have painful ganglions or mucoid cysts, come to the experts for your hand care.

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